Our Mission

The vision of the Red Umbrella, the violation of all kinds of rights that sex workers are subjected to, social exclusion, stigmatization and ignorance, corresponds to a social, economic and political order in which sex work is regarded as a form of labor and sex workers are protected by human dignity.
You can not kill me because I'm a sex worker
The Red Umbrella sees the rights of sex workers on the axis of human rights and labor rights, and believes that sex workers are their own first word on the problems of sex workers, defend it on every platform.

Who Are We ?

  • Our Mission


  • Our Aim

    Red Umbrella Sexual Health and Human Rights Association aims to raise awareness and visibility regarding human rights violations experienced by male, female and transgender sex workers in Turkey. The association also aims to carry out advocacy actions towards law-makers and decision-makers to realise legislative and policy-based changes in parallel with the needs and demands of sex workers. Red Umbrella's vision is to create a world free from any form of violence and discrimination against sex workers while ensuring full access to protection services for this vulnerable group. Red Umbrella believes that sex workers' rights are human rights and workers' rights. Red Umbrella declares that sex workers are the experts on their issues and we reject any approach or discourse that takes our ability to advocate for our own rights.  

  • Our Activities

    The activities of the association are developed and implemented through the problems of sex workers, demands against these problems and solution proposals.

Sex Workers' Rights are Human Rights

Become part of the solution, remain silent about sex workers sexism!

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